Willow Bidwell Willow Bidwell Cinematographer

Willow Bidwell is an award winning Cinematographer and member of the
Illuminatrix Rising DOP’s and is currently studying at the American Film Institute

Willow's goal in cinematography is to focus on how to tell a story with meaning, which can touch and make an impact on the viewer. She urges to illicit an emotional response from the viewer, and to help craft an experience and world in which the story lives. She enjoys experimenting with lighting, lensing and framing to create a sensory journey in every project.

 With her background in lighting, she enjoys bringing stories and projects alive, 
always adding her own creative flare.
Her artistic repertoire includes a range of projects, such as short films,
music videos and commercials, varying
between both film and digital. 
She owns a Bolex H16.

Contact her via email at willowbidwell@gmail.com